point-of-care (POCT) devices for measuring blood coagulation, blood aggregation, blood oxymetry; spring-loaded incision devices and lancets

interventional cardiology / radiology

guide wires, guiding catheters, microcatheters, guide extension support catheters, y-connectors, stents, baloons, multipurpose pigtail catheters, tailor-made sets

interventional oncology / pulmonology

indwelling peritoneal / pleural catheter (IPC), pneumothorax treatment device, thoracentesis catheter

otorhinolaryngology / ear nose throat (ENT)

atraumatic metal and plastic suction tips, suction tubes, regulators, applicators, ready-to-use suction sets, nasal and ear speculums, myringotomy scalpels, cannulas, lamp handle covers, vomit bags etc.


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